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Adopt a Soldier 2015

Posted by lsprenger on October 30, 2015

Step 1: Fill in your name and email.

Step 2: Choose a soldier to adopt by clicking the checkbox next to his or her name.

Step 3: At the bottom of the page, click “Adopt a Soldier”.

Step 4: Please wait for an email with each specific soldier’s mailing information before you start gathering items (about 24 to 48 hours).

Step 5: Gather items and ship to the grateful soldier. Check here for shipping tips from the US Postal Service.

Soldier information is posted as it was submitted to us. If you don’t receive an email from us within 24-48 hours, please let us know.

If you would like to submit a soldier for adoption, visit this page.


Father of 2 boys (2 and 3 months) and husband, deployed 1 week after youngest was born. From Columbia, so Royals, MU Tigers, and Chiefs fan (not so much Cardinals, but does support them). He loves church, sports, and family and friends. Misses home and can't wait to be back on U.S. soil! Definitely ALWAYS thinks of others first and strives to make his family happy. He's my son-in-law and has been serving in the Air Force for 6 years now.

Anthony is from Centralia and has served his country for the last 13 years. He is an avid Cardinal and Mizzou fan.

Matt has been serving in the Air Force since 2004 as a dental lab technician. He is currently serving in Korea. Mathew is expecting his first child in February 2016.

My son will be 21 in March and has been overseas in the Air Force for the past year. He was assigned there for 2 years and will get another assignment shortly before that assignment ends, likely another overseas assignment. He won't be home for a visit until May of 2016 due to airfare ranging from two thousand to twenty-five hundred dollars round trip. While at home, he liked to hunt, work on cars, and sports. Since being in the military, he's gotten involved in working out at the gym daily and trying to eat more healthy.

Steven is located in Kuwait.

Dustan is my brother, who enlisted in the Marine Corps right out of high school. The Marines have been good to his family: helping him pay for college, providing housing for his family, and allowing him to go to places he may never have gone. He is now in the Marine Corps Reserves and felt the need to show his gratitude to his Corps. He is in Bahrain now, and will be overseas through the holidays. He will miss Thanksgiving and Christmas with his wife and five beautiful children. He will also miss a few of their birthdays this Spring. Thank you for your time and support of my favorite soldier, my brother.

Ben joined the Air Force right out of high school. He has proudly served in Korea and Germany, and is currently deployed in the Middle East. He is a kind, funny young man that makes his family very proud of him!

Michael is a Marine on his second tour overseas. He is currently serving in Iraq.

Chance is 20 years old and a United States Marine serving his first tour in Iraq. He left in October and is expected home in late April or early May. He loves country music, especially any patriotic songs. Chance serves on the Crisis Response team. Thank you for considering Chance as an "adopt a soldier"!

Matt is a 20 year old single 1st year marine on his first deployment. This is his first holiday away from home.

Caleb was born and raised in Boone County. He graduated from Southern Boone 2013 and is a United States Marine. He is an avid Cardinals & Chief fan. Loves homemade food pretty much anything sweet. He is very humble and turns red when he is thanked for his service. He has a love hate relationship with Okinawa. He says he isn't drive able to home but loves the people and being surrounded by the ocean. My son is missed very much. Holidays are very hard to get through without his smile. Thank you for everything you guys are doing!