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Family Loving. Sports Junky. Music Fanatic.

Cara is an Indiana born and raised girl. Columbia, Missouri marks the first time she has lived outside of Indiana and she couldn’t be more excited!

Going back to her childhood, she has 8 8’s on her birth certificate! Ask her why and she will explain! Cara is the middle child and proof that the middle child stereotype is false. She has an incredible family and she never forgets how blessed she is to have them.

When Cara was 16, she found her future by following a classmate to the Broadcasting Program offered at “career day.” Ever since that moment she hasn’t left the mic! Cara considers music her “escape” and loves that her “job” revolves around it!

She remembers when she received her first baseball glove at 5 years old and has been stuck ever since! Bottom line, she is a Cardinals fan & a Bengals fan!

She is new to the area and would love for her to send her “get to know you” questions!


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