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Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

girl mad

I’m a Disney guy and I personally think the movie Frozen is pretty good. Though, I don’t have any kids; therefore, I haven’t watched it a few hundred times so I probably don’t appreciate this video as much as you do if you have kids.

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Toilet Seat Up Or Down?

toliet seat up down

A question women and men have been arguing over for years: leave the toilet seat up or put it down?   Well, somebody got the mathematicians involved and they have an answer.

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Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battle

Fallon - Lip Sync Battle

Jimmy Fallon has won the internet again.  He has a regular feature on The Tonight Show called “Lip Sync Battles,” and Jimmy, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are dyno-mite!

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Daylight SAVING Time


Funny video about the horrors associated with… ummm… turning our clocks back or moving them forward during Daylight Saving.

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Luke Bryan Parody

luke bryan

Luke Bryan is the latest Country Super Star to be parodied by singer/songwriter, Cledus T. Judd.  His new song, “Luke Bryan,” is kind of funny.  Kinda. 🙂

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Alternate Titanic Ending


So if you’re needing a quick little pick-me-up today, then this may be your remedy.  I think James Cameron made the correct choice with the way he ended the movie.

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Toby Keith Solo Cup’n It Up?


Few weeks back people took to Twitter after Toby Keith did a show in Indianapolis, saying he was a “bit” inebriated in concert.   Now, some audio from the performance has surfaced.

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Is This A Talent?

flippy cup

After Miss New York was crowned Miss USA last night the buzz on social media was about the talent portion of the competition.  You make the call… Is this really a talent?

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Sooo What Would Really Happen?


The Mizzou Football Tigers open up their season Saturday by taking on the South Dakota State Jack Rabbits. To get ready for the game Jamie Mac and Josh Ryan decided to act out what would happen if the two animals actually played together in real life.

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Saved By The Bell


The TV show Saved By The Bell is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year!  Hear what teenagers now have to say about it.

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