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You Are What Pet You Own

Ladies, do you think this information is accurate? (more…)

Girl Meets World – Trailer

Besides Full House, one of my favorite shows as a yout was Boy Meets World - please don't judge.  So I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't be at least checking out how Cory and Topanga turned out as ...Read More

Fishin’ Season Is HERE!

The last couple of years I've really got back into fishing regularly and today's weather is making me want to be out on a lake.  So instead of ditching out on work, (thought about it) I decided to YouTube videos ...Read More

How I Met Your Mother Ending

So the inter-webs went pretty crazy Monday night after the series finale of HIMYM. If you were unhappy with how it all played out, then here is an alternate ending and some explanations as to why it ended the way ...Read More

Have You Met Ted?

One of my favorite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother, wraps up tonight with its series finale.  I haven't been this attached to a show and its characters since Friends.  You'll find some things I believe I've "learned" from ...Read More

Puppy Talk – A Prayer For Dog Owners

Clear listener Lauren sent me this on my Facebook page the other day and thought would be great to share with you, it's called "A Prayer For Dog Owners." (more…)

The Peanuts Movie

Good grief, Charlie Brown. Here's the trailer for the Peanuts movie coming out in 2015. (more…)

Poor (Smart) Person Dryer Sheets

Came across this way on Facebook to almost eliminate all costs related to using name brand dryer sheets for laundry. (more…)

Puppy Talk – Paisley’s First Weekend Home

So I brought Paisley The Puppy Dog home this weekend so it was a great weekend to say the least.  Though, as you'll see in this video, we still have some work to do when it comes to potty training. ...Read More

Puppy Talk – Tips For Puppy Proofing A Home

Just 10 days till I officially give Paisley a "furever" home so now I'm looking for help puppy proofing my home.  Got some good responses on Facebook  when I asked for help and found some online to share with you. ...Read More

Which Country Star Are You?

Buzzfeed has an app that calculates which country star most relates to your personality. It's just a few simple questions, but thought was pretty cool. (more…)

Eric Church “The Outsiders” Partial Album Review

I'm biased when it comes to Eric Church.  I'm also biased when it comes to songwriters who perform their own music. That being said, I LOVE what I've heard so far off of his new album The Outsiders. (more…)

Jamie Mac’s Puppy Talk – The Poo Story

What is true love?  Ha.. I have no clue! Though, I do feel like I know what it means to love unconditionally - it's when you put the feelings, wants, desires of someone else before your own. (more…)

Full House Men Reunite For Jimmy Fallon

Danny Tanner, Uncle Jessie and Uncle Joey  from Full House recently got together to counsel Jimmy Fallon on leaving Late Night for The Tonight Show. (more…)

Crash My Party (Nascar version)

Luke Bryan will help kick off the 2014 Nascar season from Daytona on February 23rd, think he'll perform this version of "Crash My Party"? (more…)

Jamie Mac’s Puppy Talk – The Backstory

I've recently decided to love again and adopt a puppy.  First off, I'm a HUGE pet lover, but there's definitely a special place in my heart for puppy dogs.  So with that being said, it may then surprise you to ...Read More

Toucan Sam Lied?

If you're fond of Fruit Loops, then you may be disappointed to know you've been eating a bowl full of lies for breakfast. Turns out that the multicolored O’s don’t actually represent different fruit flavors. (more…)

Blake Shelton Uses WHAT For Shampoo?

I've heard a ton of different approaches to what works/doesn't work as far as shampoo, but this is a new one.  Find out what Blake Shelton says works to keep his hair "glowing." (more…)

Billy Currnington On The Bachelor

Move over Juan Pablo (said in a "Peppy Le Pew" voice) because Billy Currington is the latest country star to sign on for ABC's "The Bachelor." (more…)

A Little Piece Of Heaven On Earth

I was scrolling down my Facebook news feed when this thing of beauty caught my attention.  Move on over sliced bread, there's a new sheriff in town!  (Click for baking instructions) (more…)