Clear Country Critters
Clear Country Critter – Snowball Baby

This little Snowball will keep you warmer than the actual thing! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Oogie B!

Oogie B LOVES getting belly rubs, no matter what the occasion! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Spock!

If you're looking for a lot of fun from a four-legged friend, Spock's your guy! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Dominic

This lovable pup is full of energy and looking for a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Oogie Boogie!

This 6-year old gal is one of a kind and LOVES her belly rubbed! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – LL Cool J

His name says it all - this guy is one of the coolest Pit Bulls around! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Lottie!

Lottie's beautiful smile will brighten anyone's day! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Levi

Check out this lovey Chocolate Lab looking for a forever home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Tallulah

She's incredibly sweet and just 3-months old! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Jackie

Jackie is a sweet gal with a beautiful smile! (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Montgomery!

3-year old Montgomery is a BIG boy with a BIG heart, can you give him a home? (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Michael Phelps!

It's Adopt a Shelter Cat month and this little one would be PERFECT if you're looking for a new friend! (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Kirby!

Sweet, little Kirby is looking for a GOOD home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Chuck Taylor!

Sweet little Chuck Taylor is one silly, happy beagle and he's looking for a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Charlie!

Charlie is a 1-year Basset Hound mix and he's looking for a home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Maybelline

Maybelline is super sweet and has a great personality! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Shiloh!

Shiloh is a 4-year old Chihuahua mix with a beautiful smile! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Lillian!

Lillian is a Beagle mix and in need of a good home! (more…)

Clear Country Critter, Craig!

If you think his name is unique, wait until to hear about what breed he is! (more…)

Clear Country Critter – Kelly!

2-year old Kelly is a Chihuahua mix and looking for a home! (more…)