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Vince Gill On The Direction of Country Music

In an upcoming interview Dan Rather asked Vince Gill if he liked the direction of Country Music, and I love his answer. (more…)

Behind The Scenes At SNL 40th Anniversary Special

You may have heard that Eddie Murphy declined to play Bill Cosby during the "Celebrity Jeopardy" bit, but Norm MacDonald telling the story is fascinating. (more…)

Lee Ann Womack – “Chances Are”

Nobody does melancholy better than Lee Ann Womack, and this is just a great Country song. "As I watch you cross the bar room I wonder, what my chances are..." #oof (more…)

Cowboy Bill’s “Another Day In December”

Our buddy Cowboy Bill Martin has a new Christmas song we're excited to share with you, both here & on the air! Yes, Cowboy Bill the Comedian! (more…)

The Life Of A Background Singer

Since George Strait is done touring, this lady is out of a job! (more…)

My Robin Williams Favorites

One you've probably seen, and one you probably haven't. (more…)

I’m Inventing A New Word: Trailcation

"Staycation" has been around for a few years now and more recently I've been hearing about "glamping", so I'm calling what Baptist Betty and I have planned a trailcation. (more…)

The King of the Countdowns, Casey Kasem Passes Away

He was a radio industry giant but if you're old enough, you didn't have to work in radio to know who Casey Kasem was. (Photo from ABC News) (more…)

Keith Urban Opens Up About A Lot

Have you ever heard anybody say "I don't like Keith Urban."?  Yeah, me neither. (more…)

Seinfeld Video Game (see also: time waster)

I'm glad there are others in the world that geek-out on Seinfeld.  I'm also glad some of them are smart enough to create stuff like this. (more…)

Pulled Pork in a Crock Pot

This video was more about playing around with some video things than it was about cooking. (more…)

Letterman Tributes Begin

David Letterman announced his retirement, and the tributes are already beginning.  This weekend it was Fallon and The Simpsons. (more…)

Kellogg’s Breakfast At Scotty’s

Carl Edwards won the Food City 500 at Bristol and he did it with the Kellogg's paint scheme... (more…)

Runners Stop To Salute Veteran

They were running to help fund scholarships for military veterans, and a 95 year old Vet came out to show his support.  Then things got really cool! (more…)

Jerry Seinfeld At The Super Bo…I Mean The Big Game

Seinfeld made the media rounds, and I've never been more glad that Al Gore invented the internet. (more…)

Famous People In Rehab

It seems that there has been a rash of them recently, including Trace Adkins. Elizabeth Vargas from ABC News "came out" a few weeks ago, and is ready to tell her story. (more…)

VIDEO: Scotty’s Cotton Bowl Trip

The Missouri Tigers won the 2014 Cotton Bowl Classic!  Scotty got to go to the game with the Tiger Radio Network and shot some video of his trip... (more…)

Video Podcast: A Christmas Cookie Story

We have a love/hate relationship with Christmas Cookies, don't we? (more…)

Video Podcast: 2014 Country Award Shows

We recently had a discussion about the state of the Entertainer of the Year category amongst all of the Country award shows, and I've got a theory... (more…)

A Break Room Mishap or How I Ruined The Birthday Dinner. Leftovers.

I'm not generally considered a clumsy fellow.  In fact although I've dropped much of it recently, you've not likely seen anyone maneuver 400 lbs as adroitly as me.  But I still knocked the girl's lunch onto the floor. (more…)