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Famous People In Rehab

It seems that there has been a rash of them recently, including Trace Adkins. Elizabeth Vargas from ABC News "came out" a few weeks ago, and is ready to tell her story. (more…)

VIDEO: Scotty’s Cotton Bowl Trip

The Missouri Tigers won the 2014 Cotton Bowl Classic!  Scotty got to go to the game with the Tiger Radio Network and shot some video of his trip... (more…)

Video Podcast: A Christmas Cookie Story

We have a love/hate relationship with Christmas Cookies, don't we? (more…)

Video Podcast: 2014 Country Award Shows

We recently had a discussion about the state of the Entertainer of the Year category amongst all of the Country award shows, and I've got a theory... (more…)

A Break Room Mishap or How I Ruined The Birthday Dinner. Leftovers.

I'm not generally considered a clumsy fellow.  In fact although I've dropped much of it recently, you've not likely seen anyone maneuver 400 lbs as adroitly as me.  But I still knocked the girl's lunch onto the floor. (more…)

Highway 40

Every Wednesday I take a trip to Boonville.  I take  I-70 there, I take Highway 40 back home.  I like the trip back home better. (more…)

Georgia Trip Pictures

I got to go to Georgia with the Tigers this weekend, and I took a few pics. (more…)

A Sportscast About Nothing

This guy is cooler than a lawyer in a cape.  He probably eats his Snickers with a knife & fork.  Soon the nation will be talking about him as if he's wearing a pair of shoes from Botticelli's. Watch as ...Read More

Greek Yogurt Parmesan Baked Chicken

I've been seeing this or similar recipes on a lot of healthy/low carb/low fat/skinny food blogs, so I wanted to give it a try.  After all I hear Zeus ate Greek Yogurt.  Zorba too I think. (more…)

100 Missouri Miles

Governor Jay Nixon recently announced an initiative that I've been participating in. It's fun, and I thought you might want to join in! (more…)

Weekend Video Blog – 6/23/13

Here's a quick recap of some of the week's highlights... (more…)

The Pedaling Pioneer

The Pedaling Pioneer is riding all 1900 miles of the Oregon Trail, and documenting it. He is a teacher, he's my friend and he's crazy as a football bat. (more…)

Matthew, Mark, Luke & George

At his preschool graduation, this young man recited the books of the New Testament.  Then he gave the crowd a little something extra... (more…)

So Glad To Be Back!

Thanks for all of the emails, comments or calls of concern about my whereabouts the last few weeks.  This morning I had a chance to talk about it. (more…)

Sticky: Message From Scotty

Hey there!  I'm gonna be gone for a little while so you won't hear me on the morning show, and I just wanted to give you a "head's up"! (more…)

Helpin’ A Brother Out

I really like it when today's big Country stars collaborate with the guys who came before them.  One of my favorites Keith Urban did it recently with another one of my favorites, Don Williams. (more…)

My Friend Will

My friend Will is on the autism spectrum, and with today being World Autism Awareness Day I would encourage you to learn a little more about it. (more…)

Time To Pick’em

I just filled out my NCAA bracket with no illusions that I'll come anywhere close to winning.  But I did come across some alternative methods to use to fill out your bracket if you're interested! (more…)

Bringing Sexy Back, Barbershop Style

My favorite bit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is when they Slow Jam the News. My second favorite is The Rag Time Gals. (more…)

Guitar Faces

Much was made after the Super Bowl about Beyonce's funny-face pictures that went viral.  Well what about your favorite Country star's "guitar face?" (more…)