THE LATEST:  Top 5 @ 5 for 2/10/16
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Alaskan Cruise

Mom and I are going next week with some dear family friends.  Considering my status as a well-known and highly decorated layabout, this is a pretty big deal! (more…)

The Broken Home Shopping Network

Divorce is a serious subject that should not be joked about. Except when it's as funny as this! (more…)

Uncle Drew Teaches The “Youngbloods”

I don't want to tell you too much and spoil it, but here's a funny example of "don't judge a book by it's cover"! (more…)

What Does “A No. 1 Song” Mean?

If like me, you enjoy learning about the nuts & bolts of the music industry, you might find this interesting! (more…)

That Ain’t Sloppy Joes

Sorry, I know I'm on a food kick, but my Mom's Sloppy Joes are different. AND BETTER! (more…)

Cranberry Chicken

In an effort to spend more time in the kitchen and less in the drive-thru, I busted out the Crock Pot tonight to try and make chicken breasts & brown rice taste good. (more…)

Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?

See, this is why the internet was invented!  A website that helps you identify the good-looking girls that are in TV commercials. (more…)

Julie Roberts – NASCAR Party

I dig Julie Roberts.  She's got a new song & video that features some Nascar drivers including Brother Edwards. (more…)

I Had A Movie Weekend

I tend to watch movies after they're out on DVD, and I tend to watch them in bunches. (more…)

Chinaberry Sidewalks by Rodney Crowell

I wanted to read this book because to me Rodney Crowell always seemed like a really interesting guy.  Turns out, so was his childhood. (more…)

“Best Of…” My Trip To San Antonio

One of the biggest draws in San Antonio is the historic Alamo.  I didn't go see it. (more…)

When Parents Text

I wanted to share a funny website "that is dedicated to the trials and errors that come when a parent handles a cell phone". (more…)

The Digital Story Of The Nativity

A clever 2010 look at The Christmas Story.  As the friend who emailed it to me said, "Worth 3 minutes." (more…)

Linus Sings The Police

I would consider this sacriledge if it wasn't so funny... (more…)

My First Turkey

I thought it turned out pretty good, and Mom said it was delicious. Of course, what else could she say. (more…)

His Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress

I don't think you have to have an "ex" to appreciate this guy, but it probably doesn't hurt. (more…)

4th Annual Boy Scout Centennial Golf Marathon

I'm an Eagle Scout.  And not just because my Mom wouldn't let me get my driver's license until I was. (more…)

Scotty’s 4th of July Weekend

Honestly, don't watch this unless you have absolutely nothing to do for the next 2 minutes and 46 seconds. (more…)

Awww Yeah…Fallon & Williams “Slow Jam” The News

Jimmy Fallon's ratings have been less than robust as host of "Late Night", but I hope NBC gives him some more time to grow into it because either he, or his staff, or both come up with some really funny stuff occasionally. ...Read More

A Close Shave

I remember now that covering up the baby-face is the reason I grew the beard in the first place. (more…)