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My Seinfeld Addiction


It’s no secret that I’m a Jerry Seinfeld junkie.  I can watch episodes of the “show about nothing” for hours on end, but there’s more to it than that.

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Will Pars #6


My buddy Will Miles is nationwide today as the story of his first par on a golf course made it to the homepage of GolfDigest.com.

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Alaskan Cruise


Mom and I are going next week with some dear family friends.  Considering my status as a well-known and highly decorated layabout, this is a pretty big deal!

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Cranberry Chicken


In an effort to spend more time in the kitchen and less in the drive-thru, I busted out the Crock Pot tonight to try and make chicken breasts & brown rice taste good.

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Who Is That Hot Ad Girl?


See, this is why the internet was invented!  A website that helps you identify the good-looking girls that are in TV commercials.

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When Parents Text


I wanted to share a funny website “that is dedicated to the trials and errors that come when a parent handles a cell phone”.

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My First Turkey


I thought it turned out pretty good, and Mom said it was delicious. Of course, what else could she say.

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