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 I was born and raised in Missouri and grew up listening to country and 80s rock, which are now my two favorite music genres. And if you ask me who my favorite artist is from each of those, I would say Kenny Chesney and Def Leppard. Nuff said. 🙂

I didn’t know what I wanted to do career wise after graduating from Central Missouri, but I was finally scared into making a decision. I thought about it and realized two things: Music was a passion of mine, and I had a load of business courses under my belt. I just put the two together and decided to go into the music industry.

I was given an amazing opportunity to be on air and work with the talented people here at Clear 99. Though I never thought about actually being on the radio, I was willing to try something that scared me. After all, I can’t grow without doing so!

Oh, I LOVE live shows so I look forward to meeting you out at The Blue Note or Mizzou Arena sometime. 

Oh and my favorite show of all time? I Love Lucy.


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  1. I enjoy listening to you on my way home!!

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