Jamie Mac

Posted by Clear 99 Staff on May 13, 2008

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Jamie Mac. Jamie. J Mac.

Hoot. In. Annie

Jamie comes from a small town known as Columbia, IL. Some may ask why Jamie ever wanted to be in radio? Well, it all started when his was a small child. His grandfather had his very own radio station in the basement where he would “play” radio. Turns out Jamie is still a kid “playing” radio on Clear99. Lucky guy!

His journey towards a long radio career began humbly at Imo’s (The Square Beyond Compare) as a pizza boy. You could say this was the most pivotal moment in his career but his first “official” radio job in Marshall could fill this title as well.

J Mac spends most free nights at concerts in the area. Very rarely is there a concert he misses. It is hard for Jamie to even begin sorting through which concert was his favorite but Farm Aid 2001 is what first comes to mind.


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