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Keeping the Cat Out of the Tree!

Posted by Cara on December 24, 2013

This is a gift that will be used every year when the tree goes up!

After seeing ornaments on the ground, flattened tree branches and lights unevenly distributed throughout the tree, the hunt for keeping Luci (my cat) out of the tree was on! Since this problem seems to be more common than not, Scotty & I opened the discussion up and got some awesome solutions! One of them that really stuck out was a call from Rose. She suggested a bar of soap – cats don’t like the smell of soap so she recommended that I hang a bar on my tree. Sounds simple.

Little did we know, Rose took things to another level. Not only did she drop off soap, she turned it into a snowman that looks just like an ornament! My Christmas tree next year, and years to come, will smell fresh and be cat-free! Thanks Rose!!



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