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Recent Posts

Beware Of The Doghouse!

A listener just sent me this video, stating I seem like a guy whom has landed himself in the dog house a time or two.  True. I have been tossed in the dog house before, but not like this guy:)

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Club Penguin

I was told that she was extremely “out-of-the-loop” for not knowing about Club Penguin.  This is a very fun website designed for kids by Disney.com that is taking over children’s free time.  Parents, we like it because it is a SAFE site for them.

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Getting A Head Start.

Last year I started working out a little, a couple of weeks before New Year’s Day.  That way, in January when somebody at the gym said “New Year resolutions?“, I could casually respond that I’d been at it a while already. I’m going to try starting a little earlier this …

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Play with Maggie!

She’s the smartest dog on the web.  Tell her to do a trick – Maggie knows them all! Sit, roll over, lie down, stand, sing, dance, jump, spin, shake, fetch, play dead, etc…

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