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My Retirement Plan…

Ok.  So recently I received an email that showed this guy prying off the top of a 6 volt battery and amazingly enough there were 32 AA batteries inside.

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CMT Awards Performance…

One of my favorite moments from the CMT awards last week was the rendition of a mid 80’s classic by The Dream Acadamy called “Life in a Northern Town.”

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A Reason, A Season or A Lifetime

   I was going through my email account today and cleaning it up a little, when I came across this short little blurb someone had sent me.  It’s short and simple, yet complex and heartfelt.  I guess it depends if you’re “A reason, A Season or A Lifetime.”

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Believe In Bigfoot, Part 1!!! (My First Blog)

Recently, I’ve got hooked on a cable television show called “Paranormal State.”  I don’t know if it’s because this show appeals to the fact I like being spooked, or if it has something to do with the fact I’m crazy and believe a solar storm will destroy the world, as …

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The Sandwich

The story I’ve always heard is that the sandwich was invented when The Earl of Sandwich was engrossed in a card game that he didn’t want to leave, but he was hungry.

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Found It!

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned the introduction to the 2008 CMT Music Awards Show.

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