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A Very Haggard Birthday.

Yesterday was my 41st birthday.  It was considerably less eventful than last years, which is fine.  Birthdays like last years should only come around every 40 years or so.  I’m not much on planning, but as I wrapped up yesterday I got to thinking I couldn’t have drawn it up much …

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Mars In Our Lifetime?

Honestly, if you had asked me that question a few years or even days ago I would not have thought it was possible. Now that the NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander has successfully landed on Mars I’m starting to wonder if it, indeed, is possible.

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Some ACM Thoughts.

I again enjoyed the ACM Award Show.  In the last few years, I feel like the ACM’s have been head and shoulders, knees and toes above the CMA show.  One review talked about the “shifting winds” in Country Music, but I’m not so sure.

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Your Favorite “Change” Cliche here.

I will try my best not to use one here.  But most of them would fit.  Pick up any trade magazine from any industry, and there will be at least one article about how the way that particular industry does business has to change or die.  Radio and the record business …

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The Skittles Taste Test Challenge!

Ok. So I was sitting at home a few nights ago watching my favorite TV show “Deadliest Catch” and munching on some skittles candy when I had an epiphany. Does each Skittle really have its own unique flavor?

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