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Rain Songs.

I sat in the studio this morning watching it rain.  For about 8 seconds I considered turning Mid-Missouri’s most listened to radio station into my personal Ipod, and playing all my favorite rain songs.  Then I remembered that much like a snowy morning, you’re not having near as much fun trying …

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Ok. I had our Cowbell out on location a few times this past weekend, and a listener asked what her name was… and I was like “uh – I don’t know.”  She then told me that, like a boat, it’s unlucky to have a cowbell without a name.  Therefore, I’m asking for your help with …

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Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes…

The first comedian I ever watched live, ironically, was the best I’ve seen to date. George Carlin passed away yesterday (Sunday, June 22nd) at the age of 71 due to heart failure and will be missed by so many fans, including myself.

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