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She’s the Luckiest Fantasy Football Player in the World

Posted by Cara on October 9, 2012

The Fantasy Football Season has entered it’s second quarter, which means team managers are beginning to feel the added pressure of… bye weeks.

Bye weeks can reign havoc on a fantasy roster.  Say you have multiple running backs out on the same week?  How are you supposed to put together a winning team for that week?  Turns out, the answer is… you don’t.

This week we witnessed a minor miracle.  The Domin8ors, led by rookie team manager Cara, decided that the best way to handle multiple RBs on a bye at the same time, is to leave the slot empty, thus giving her the assumed disadvantage.

She “waxed” the competition by raking in a whopping 123 points, defeating her 9 fellow members in the league. Let it be known that those 9 other players are all boys.


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