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Uncle Scotty’s 3rd Annual “All-Name” Football Team.

Some people’s names just naturally go with their chosen professionLike Mr. Bookman, the library detective .  I used to always hear names during the course of a football season and think “Now that guy just sounds like a football player !”

Like Dick Butkus .  Seriously, what else is a guy named Dick Butkus going to do in life?  Can a guy named Bronko Nagurski really be a podiatrist?

Finally a few years ago, I started writing them down .  Over time I’ve started adding names, that while they may not sound like football names, just sound cool.  Like former Nebraska running back I.M. Hipp .  Or last years quarterback John David Booty .  As Chase Daniels backup of course.

Each year I start a new list, and I’ve found the perfect player to start with this year, right here at home .  If you haven’t already you’ll soon be hearing the name Elvis Fisher .  He’ll be playing some left tackle this season for YOUR Missouri Tigers .

As in years past, you are encouraged to participate .  But there are some silly rules that I like to follow, so if you want to play, pay attention.

1.  Don’t go looking for names online or elsewhere .  These should be names that you hear or see during normal watching or listening to a football game.

2.  Potential players can be high school, college or pro .  If a name fits, it fits no matter what level the player is.

3.  You must submit your player .  Then their name will be judged by our three person “All-Name” team committee.  If your submission is not accepted, I’m sorry but the committee’s decision is final.

4.  Players can be dead or alive .  This may seem to conflict a little with rule number one, but it doesn’t.  You hear it when you hear it.

To submit a player, just email them to me , scottyandcarissa@zrgmail.com.   You’re encouraged to play along, but if you don’t that’s ok.  You’re still encouraged to check back occasionally to see how the list is progressing.


Chase Daniels-QB, University of Missouri.

Elvis Fisher-LT, University of Missouri.

Darius Outlaw – former MU Wide receiver (Barbara, Sunrise Beach)

Stryker Sulak -DL, University of Missouri (Thanks Michelle!) 


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