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100 Missouri Miles

Governor Jay Nixon recently announced an initiative that I’ve been participating in. It’s fun, and I thought you might want to join in!

I first heard about the 100 Missouri Miles program when the Governor & I were hanging out together (we weren’t really hanging out together) at the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics Missouri State Games a month or so back.

Basically Gov. Nixon has challenged Missourians to complete 100 miles of physical activity by the end of the year.  And it doesn’t matter how you do it, walking, running, biking, rafting, playing golf, whatever!

Earlier this year, Missouri was named the “Best Trails State” by American Trails, a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting our nation’s hiking, biking, and riding trails, and this is a great way to check them out.

You just set up an account on the website, and it helps you keep track of the miles.  For instance, so far between walking and riding my bike I’ve got 81 miles on the board.  That’s 5 ahead of the Governor by the way.  He and his wife are participating and the site keeps track of their miles too.

One of the cool things about the site is that you don’t have to just walk or bike on trails for it to count.  There’s a neat “Activity Converter” that takes lots of different activities and converts them into miles.  Everything from baseball & golf, to swimming & yoga. You just enter how long you do the activity, and it figures it up for you.

So far over 5000 Missourians have logged over 192,000 miles, and we’d love you to join us!

100 Missouri Miles website.


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