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The Clear 99 $500 Survey Is On Hold

Thank you for playing along with the Clear 99 $500 Survey. Unfortunately, we will be putting the game on hold for the time being. When things start to return to normal we will continue where we left off. 

If you’re familiar with “America’s Favorite Family Game,” then you’ll love this!

We’ll be sending out clues occasionally to Clear 99 zText members, so sign up for free. Make sure to check “Clear 99 Contests” to receive clue.

Play weekdays at 7:20, 10:20, 1:20 and 4:20. 

Survey Question #1 – “Best Country Song About “Love”? (741 people surveyed)

  1.  I Cross My Heart – George Strait (59)
  2.  It’s Your Love – Tim McGraw/Faith Hill (41)
  3.  I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton (39)
  4.  He Stopped Loving Her Today – George Jones (32)
  5.  Forever And Ever, Amen – Randy Travis (27)
  6. (25)
  7. She’s In Love With A Boy – Trisha Yearwood (23)
  8. (22)
  9. (20)
  10. (17)  

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  1. Michelle Kutscher

    Love doing these surveys!

  2. I’m confused. If I understood caller at 4:20 she gave a list of 5 but then DJ told her to give answer to #7 which was correct: “She’s in love with the boy.” What happened to #6? Thanks

  3. Hey Jackie! Think Catryna said give the 5 answers we’ve already got, then after the caller gave those 5 she then got #7 correct. They don’t have to necessarily have to be in order. #6 still has not been guessed.

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