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A Cautionary Tale

This is a personal, cautionary tale for fellow pet owners.


I’ve mentioned on-air that I’ve been going through a health situation with my four-legged partner in crime, Tucker.

I appreciate any support in this matter, because as any pet owner would most likely attest- animals become family members- and when their lives may be jeopardized, it can be devastating.

About a month ago, our situation came to light.

Below describes said situation;


I hate putting my stuff onto others. However, this has been an awful week, personally. I don’t know about anyone else,…

Posted by Samantha Martin on Friday, October 19, 2018


Fast forward to this week.

After a little over a month having my dog on a prescription diet suited for kidney function, I had to take my guy into the vet for more blood work to see if there were improvements (or further decline).

I am very, very relieved to be able to say that not only have his elevated kidney levels returned to a normal level, but my vet said that even his new found heart murmur sounds better.

Beyond joy over here, for this pet parent.

Hopefully, maintaining his current diet will sustain the improvements.

Now, I tell you my story as a cautionary tale and not one of judgment.

Many may be completely unaware of any issue with grain-free diets (as the FDA issued warning states), and maybe YOUR pet hasn’t (thankfully) had any problems on said diet. However, being that diet was the only variable changed and there was that much improvement for Tucker, it is highly likely to be linked to his health decline.

I just know the place he holds in my heart, and I would hate for another to experience any of this stress and potential heartache with their lovable fur-baby.

I’d say just do your research, and keep a keen eye out for any potential warning signs of changes in health. We can only try and make the best decisions with the knowledge available.






  1. Are you able to mention the dog foods that your vet recommended? Thanks!

  2. Hi, Kristin! My vet stuck to five brands (for general feeding) that she feels have had the research behind them, and they are: Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan, Iams, Royal Canin and Eukanuba. Of course, if you have a special specific dietary need, they may need a prescription food. Hope that helps out. -Samantha

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