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A Christmas Light Record for the Books!

Beautiful lights for a wonderful cause!

 What’s the best way to get attention this time of year? Display the ULTIMATE amount of Christmas lights on your house and set a record! It’s not the first go around for David Richards of Australia, he set the Guinness record back in 2011 with 331,038 lights. After a family in New York surpassed that with a whopping 346, 283 lights, Richards took it to another level – setting the bar with 502,165 lights.

The Australian father of three says his unbelievable display contains more than half-a-million light bulbs, 31 miles of wire and an ENORMOUS monthly electric bill of about $2,000 – which has actually been paid for by the electric company. Why? Richards’ displays the lights to attract people for a good cause. The twinkling lights raise funds for children’s charities including to fight Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Over 70,000 people visited the light show at his first display in 2011, raising $44,000 for charity. This year, David wants to raise $56,000.

[photo courtesy of AP]


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