Friends Reunion
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A ‘Friends’ Reunion?

This may not be the Friends reunion you were hoping for…

It has been confirmed! Sort of.

The Friends reunion has been set, but it’s not going to be a new episode/movie, or a revival, or a reboot. Planned to be unscripted, the cast will reunite to discuss their relationships and the show itself, which ran from 1994-2004.

The special will be available to subscribers of HBO Max, a new streaming service that will feature the classic sitcom in May.

I find the resurgence of Friends fascinating. It was given a second life on Netflix, and has since built a new fan base of millennial super fans. I think the show holds up, simply because of how easy it is to relate and connect with the characters. Plus, much like Seinfeld, it was full of quippy one-liners and a mountain of memorable moments.

Get your snacks ready and rehearse your favorite lines, because it should be a fun trip down memory lane!

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Josh Ryan 


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