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Alaskan Cruise

Mom and I are going next week with some dear family friends.  Considering my status as a well-known and highly decorated layabout, this is a pretty big deal!

It’s a trip I’ve always wanted to take.  As lucky as I was to have Mom take me on a Caribbean cruise a couple of years ago, I’m really more of a mountains person than I am a beach person.  I’ve wanted to do it just for the picture taking.

But as I finally get around to investigating the trip I see that there are some sweet excursions…

  • Fly-Fishing Adventure via Floatplane – $489.99…only I’m not much of a fisherperson.
  • Four Glacier Adventure via Helicopter – $379.99…great views, with some size limitations.
  • Four Glacier Helicopter & Dogsled Adventure – $599.99…sounds awesome and expensive.
  • Glacier View Sea Kayaking – $104.99…much more reasonable, but kayaking? Please.

In fact according to my research, the most affordable excursion is a tour of the Alaska Brewing Company

I’m just sayin’…


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