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Artist of the Week 5/14/18 | Cody Jinks

As heard on Clear Country Night’s, Samantha’s Artist Pick this week is Cody Jinks!

A native of Haltom City, Texas – Country music is in Cody Jinks’ roots. He grew up on it and was taught to play guitar by his dad.
He didn’t always follow the path of his roots, though. In a sort of rebellion, Jinks was once the lead singer of a “thrash-metal” band;  (I’m not exactly sure what that entails, but cue the imagery of mosh pits, long hair and head banging)!
While some of the undertones and the business model for getting that group off the ground still impacts how Cody navigates, today; the Metal days didn’t last too long. Cody made his way back to the genre of his youth.
He is no newbie when it comes to cutting albums. His fourth release, Adobe Sessions, (2015) is what started to garner him attention on a larger scale. He even opened for Sturgill Simpson that year for some shows. His “breakout” album, is considered to be his 2016 release, I’m Not The Devil, with title track written with Ward Davis. The album debuted at No. 4 on the Top Country Albums chart; without the help of a major label!
Cody’s music is a harken back to the grittier side of the Country genre (i.e. Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings). The “outlaw” side; to some, Country music in its true form and what could be considered the missing ingredient on the mainstream radio airwaves, today.
Jinks once told Rolling Stone,
There’s no [expletives] in our show. There’s no dancing, there’s no sparkle-bottom jeans. We get out there and we rip people’s faces off.”
Perhaps Cody Jinks could be considered one of the new Country music heroes for the working class?
A highly favored act here in Mid-MO, Jinks has been known to be a shoe-in to sell out The Blue Note. He’s previously graced the venue’s stage on a co-headlining tour with Whitey Morgan and the 78s.
Cody Jinks is currently working on his eighth LP, Lifers, set to be released by the end of next month (June 2018).  In conjunction with his new album release; Cody will also appear LIVE on 9th Street for 9th Street Summerfest this summer (June 23)!
For your chance to win tickets to see Cody, be sure to listen to Clear Country Night’s all week long! You can find out more about how to win at!
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