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Artist of the Week 6/4/18 | Randall King

As heard on Clear Country Night’s, Samantha’s “Artist of the Week” is Randall King!

When you hear his music, it’s like you’ve just opened your favorite CD from a by-gone time.

Randall King is the modern answer for anyone that holds 90s Country near and dear to their hearts! (Big hand raise, right here.)

A fourth generation hay-hauler from the West Texas town of Hereford, King was raised on the sounds of Country legends new and old. That list includes George Strait, Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson and some Merle Haggard, too. Those early influences are definitely reflected in the music coming from this guy.

Originally, King went to school for a business degree, but after seeing fellow Texas act, Josh Abbott (Band), things changed course. Randall headed in the direction of Music Production while making music himself. After some trials and tribulations of being in a band, King went the solo route – releasing the EP titled, Another Bullet, in 2016.

I think the thing that makes King special, is his way of sort of staying true to what a lot of our age group know as the “roots” of Country. Many of us grew up on this sort of style of Country music in the 90s. It was our introduction to the genre, (male artist’s specifically, think Garth Brooks, George Strait, Tim McGraw, etc.) and just through the style, brings back so many memories! He isn’t the only artist doing this, but there are few enough doing so, to where it makes it “new” in respect to what we hear most of the time. What was “old” is “new” again, as they say. There’s a sort of magic in it.  I’d even venture to say since the cultural stylings of the 90s have made a resurgence, what better time for Randall to make his mark?

THE Garth Brooks even gave Randall a shout-out recently on “Inside Studio G”, singing praises of, “THIS kid is what Country Music is all about, for me”.



Randall King on his debut album,

“There’s a lot of people that want country music to come back around, and there’s a lot of people that will say you have to sell out and play radio hits to make it. I think for me I want to make my stamp as an artist with this record, that I can be me and still make an impact across the country.”


King’s recently released self-titled debut LP, featuring the single, “Tuggin’ on My Heartstrings” is available now!


As heard on Clear Country Night’s:


You can check out more on Randall King’s socials: 

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