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Artist of the Week 7/30/18 | Jenny Tolman

As heard on Clear Country Night’s; Samantha’s Artist of the Week is Jenny Tolman! 

It’s getting to be more of a rarity these days to find Country artists that haven’t transplanted to Music City (Nashville, TN). Almost like in LA, where “everyone is an actor/actress” – Nashville is that way for singers, no matter what part of the country they hail from.

This week’s artist didn’t have to relocate to call Music City her home. Jenny Tolman is Nashville born and raised.

Growing up surrounded by musical influences, not only by the historic legacies of the city she was raised in- but personal as well, definitely plays a huge role in igniting the musical fire. It may have helped that her father was active in the music industry, even singing on Garth Brooks’ No Fences (1990) album.

She’s been compared to Nikki Lane and Brandy Clark with her songwriting style. Personally, I feel like Jenny’s style and vocals are reminiscent of Mid-MO native Sara Evans! She has even opened up concerts for the likes of Cole Swindell and Alabama.

RollingStone has kept Jenny Tolman on their radar for quite some, and it’s no surprise to me. She has a real gift for songwriting and admires veteran artists like Dolly Parton and Roger Miller for the very talent she posesses. To hear actual story telling within her tunes, is something that quite frankly- you don’t hear a whole lot of with major radio play.

“That’s my favorite thing about Country Music {storytelling}. We get to create these characters that have unique narratives.”

Jenny Tolman is currently working with producer Dave Brainard (Brandy Clark, Jerrod Niemann) on a fourth-coming debut LP titled Jennyville. The album will focus on all sorts of made-up characters from this fictional town all within her. Again, the story telling is key to this album.

Another added focus on the album? Real instruments!

“… to me, using computers to make sounds that humans make feels like you’re stealing in some way,” Tolman says. “I like to compare it to the food industry” “It feels like music is becoming a processed-food company because it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s cheap. But it’s not necessarily good for you.”

There isn’t a huge collection of music available as of yet from Jenny, but she just released a new single, “Something to Complain About” – a song about being a little more grateful for what you’ve got,  that will surely be featured on the expected debut album.


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