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The Bachelor: Country Style

If you got to choose which eligible country bachelor would be on the next season of The Bachelor, who would you chose? 

The Bachelorette premiers tonight, but The Boot asked the question: Which single country artist should be on an upcoming season of The Bachelor?

Here’s my quick take on these eligible bachelors..

Kenny Chesney

I don’t think Kenny would fair very well on the show. He is too laid back to deal with drama and fights. I think he’d rather go with the flow and run into someone on the beach. Maybe catch her drinking his rum!

Brett Eldredge

Brett would be perfect for this show, but I wouldn’t want to see his heart broke. Ever. He is way too sweet and genuine for that. However, if this show guaranteed love in the end, Brett would have no problem finding it.

Hunter Hayes

Hunter seems fun and really funny. And he loves puppies! I don’t think there’s anything I need to add to that.

Scotty McCreery

He’s got a heart of gold. Solid gold. Have you heard his latest single “Five More Minutes?” But I have to wonder why he is on this list of single bachelors.. Pretty sure he has a longtime girlfriend named Gabi..

Jake Owen

This show would have no problem finding women to join a season if Jake Owen was the bachelor! In my opinion, he’s one of the best looking guys in country music and has a voice that could hypnotize anyone.

Brett Young

Brett seems like he’s on the more sensitive side. After all, he still sleeps with his baby blanket, which he named. So whomever he decides to be with needs to make room for his “Mr. Blankie!”

Chris Young

Chris was voted the ‘Hottest Country Bachelor’ of 2014 because he’s the ‘total package.’ He’s funny, family-oriented and his voice! I know I don’t need to say anymore about that.

Who would you chose to be on the next season of The Bachelor?

— Catryna 


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  1. I love Scott McCreary, but don’t think he would be able to do the Bachelor…….too much Drama! Jake Owen is awesome, but I don’t think he would enjoy being the Bachelor. I pick Kenny Chesney because I think he would enjoy the show and entertain us well.

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