What Guy Is Seriously Bringing Their A-Game?…..

Chris may be a farmer from Iowa but is he also the new front runner for Bachelorette Andi?  I’m leaning towards definitely! My Original top 3 guys for Andi were Dylan, Patrick and Steven but since Steven got the boot I am so happy to place Chris in my top picks for Andi!   Chris is an absolute game changer and bringing the heat to be Andi’s prince charming.  In honor of the super cool  charming  gentleman, here are 3 fun facts your should know about Chris Soules.


1. Chris is from Arlington, Iowa and graduated Iowa St. University, growing up in a farming lifestyle.

2. During his college career, he was a member of the Farm Op Club, the Farm Bureau Club and the Agronomy Club. He graduated with degrees in Agricultural Studies and Agronomy.

3. Chris’s favorite movies are, Rudy, Braveheart, and Meet the Parents.


So excited and looking forward to the two nights of The Bachelorette on ABC starting Sunday! Go Chris!!!  -Ali




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