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Best Way To Give A Dog Eye Drops

Please, HELP!!! 

This is my dog, Tucker.

I had to take him in to see a specialist at Mizzou’s University animal hospital this week, and well, long story short – I will most likely have to apply eye drops to his eyes for the remainder of his life.

The vet talked as if it would be a snap to do this. “Just reinforce with a treat, once he does what he is supposed to. A lot of clients tell me their dog now enjoys the drops.” Makes sense. In theory.

However, Tucker’s thoughts on this whole “eye drop” business?

I have Googled. I have YouTubed. Everything I find shows dogs that aren’t resistant in. the. slightest. WHAT?!


This is more like what happens, for me:

(Except, Tucker is running away from me and it turns into a wrestling match where I end up laying across him/his legs to restrain him. Did I mention he is 85lbs and almost as big as I am?)

Talk about traumatic!

Here’s what I am wanting to NOT happen anymore:

(Those photos would be my leg and arm from Tucker’s kangaroo-like kicks/scratches.)


I also want to avoid any potential harm to him, physically or otherwise! I asked my vet for tips, but, was told that’s about all I can do!

If you have any helpful tricks for putting eye drops in your pets eyes, please, for my sanity – HELP!


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