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Big Bam Is Back!

How ’bout a bike ride along historic Route 66!?

The Bike Across Missouri ride returns for it’s fourth year, and this year riders will tackle a more southern route.  It’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself on a bicycle, and see some of our beautiful state!

Big Bam is more than just a bike ride across the state.  It’s a chance to see some great sights, learn some history, explore some small towns, and hear live music every night.

I had a great time riding one day, and then another day last year.  This year I’m only getting to ride one day but I’m really looking forward to it.  Our hard-working S.E. (Super Engineer) Mike Mayfield is going to do the whole route with his son Jayden, and I look forward to spending one day with them, and hearing about the rest of the ride.

Check it out online and maybe you can join us, for a day or two, or for the whole week.

Also, just a head’s up about Big Bam On The Katy coming up this fall.  That’ll be a great time of year to be on the trail, plus with fewer hills it should be less challenging physically for those who are just wanting to get started on a bike!


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