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Dog or No Dog?

The Central Missouri Humane Society stops in every Wednesday with a new Clear Country Critter and I’m on the verge of adopting a dog but I need some help!

I’ve been living in Missouri for about three months now and I have a 1-year old cat. If she were to post a bio on eHarmony.com it would be something like this:

“My name’s Luci. I’m One and love sleeping all day unless my care-taker, Cara, is sleeping. She works insane hours so we have different schedules. I have a tendency of going crazy at times and jumping on her face at night. I also enjoy biting her toes while she sleeps too.

A little about my past: My zodiac sign is Cancer. I was raised in the wild for about three months back  home in the beautiful state of Indiana. Cara took me in last October and gave me a new home in Indianapolis, it was a total bachelorette pad. Just her and I and not a care in the world. She used to have this leather futon that I LOVED to sharpen my claws in but she doesn’t have it anymore. Not sure why. One day, after a long nap, I saw her with a bunch of big square things filled with all of the items from her apartment. Turns out she got a job in Columbia, MO! Without hesitation she packed up her car, put me in a crate and we headed west without looking back. The drive was okay, I slept (of course) so I don’t remember much but when we arrived in the city I was in awe. Everything was so beautiful and come to find out, a bunch of Tigers live here! I’m pretty dedicated to my ancestors and blood line so this was perfectly okay with me.

Anyway, long story short, I can shred an entire roll of toilet paper in less than three minutes,  Blue Buffalo Indoor Cat Food is my weakness and I love going for walks. Give me a call if you’re interested.”

Okay, they may have been too much but the gist of the story was to allow readers to understand what type of cat she is. I know things can be hectic when bringing another animal into the home so I’m a little skeptical on that. We’ve been here for a little while now but I’m pretty sure she’s still adjusting. Simply looking for some thoughts or suggestions from those who have brought a dog into a “cat-ruled” home.


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