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  1. Hi Carl!! We miss you but we hope you are having lots of fun with everything you are doing, and that we get to see you at the track from time to time in the future!! Keep us up to date….pop in and say high to Scotty and Cara from time to time and that way we can hear from you…I know you will do well with whatever you end up in!! Maybe Jeff Meyer and I will run into you around town when we are up this summer, visiting friends.

    Scotty and Cara, thanks for the weekly “catch ups” with Carl over the years, and for this. It’s nice to hear Carl sounding so happy, even if he is a little thrown off by not being in the car right now. I imagine he’ll be out doing something fun Sunday to distract himself, and eventually that won’t seem so odd to him, to have his sundays back again. 🙂

    Proud Edhead!!!

  2. He sounded happy and said he may be in a car a bit. Just so hard with him not competing. You are missed Carl! We love you.

  3. Carl is not just another driver – he was at ease calling a race – was so interesting to talk to – if I’m not mistaken, he won most popular driver – bottom, Carl was values gentleman on or off the track.

    My husband and I were involved in racing with ARDC – had 5 cars at one time so had the opportunity to interact drivers that drove for us – most were the best and of course there would be one that was special on and off the track – because of him, racing became part of out family.

    Carl Edwards has that special quality. Racing for me is interesting but now without Darl Edwards in the mix is kind of boring !!!!!!!

  4. It was great to see him, that’s for sure!

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