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Carrie Underwood Confesses Embarrassing Secrets

Carrie Underwood confessed her biggest beauty blunders to People. 

Looking at the star today, you wouldn’t think Carrie Underwood ever had a bad hair or makeup day. However, she confessed to People that she didn’t always look glamorous. She told the magazine:

Carrie Underwood on Stage“[My] worst hair moment ever would probably be me in the sixth grade when I decided that my bangs should have crazy amounts of gel … [and] I had a perm at some point, when I was like 14. That was a bad idea.”

Underwood has since lost the excessive amounts of gel and tight curls, and with those the insecurity she once had. Now, she is able to embrace her ‘uniqueness’ and doesn’t worry too much about a stranger’s perception of her.

And yesterday was International Women’s Day, Carrie Underwood wanted to remind women everywhere that “You are beautiful.”

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