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Bacon Masks

plate of hot bacon

Let’s face it — no one enjoys wearing masks. It makes our faces hot, fogs up our glasses, and forces us to smell our own breath. But help is on the way … thanks to Hormel.

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Reba, Little Big Town & More Set For Save Our Stages Festival

The coronavirus pandemic has forced independent music venues across the country to close, and it’s expected that many won’t survive the shut down. Well, now a group of artists are doing what they can to raise awareness and money for these important clubs.  Reba McEntire, Brothers Osborne, Little Big Town …

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Foods That May Stall Gray Hair

Grey haired woman

For some people, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding a new strand of gray hair on their head. Those silvery strands can make you seem older than you feel, but they’re really just a lack of pigmentation and melanin. Gray and white hair can be a consequence of age, generics …

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Spiderweb in Missouri Big Enough to “Catch” a Human

Large spider web

Talk about commitment to Halloween decor! The Department of Missouri Conservation recently shared a photo of a huge spiderweb and its followers are freaking out! The photo was taken on a trail near Springfield, Missouri and showing a large web between two trees. It’s perspective and, perhaps, its angle may …

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Candy Corn Latte Recipe

Candy corn scattered on blue table

 I stumbled across this delicious looking recipe for a fun fall drink idea.  Syrup… The Ingredients 1 c of candy corn 1 c of water 1/4 c of honey 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract Place all ingredients into a saucepan, except vanilla. Bring them to a slow boil, stirring frequently …

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Here’s Where You Can Get Free Coffee For National Coffee Day

Tomorrow (9/29) is National Coffee Day, and if there’s one thing coffee drinkers like more than a cup of Joe, it’s a free one, and that’s exactly what some coffee giants are offering. Deals available tomorrow include: 7-Eleven: 7-Eleven is offering 79¢ any size hot beverages from 12:00 – 7:00 …

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Plans Released For The World’s First Reality Show In Space

A production company just scored a deal to hold what may be the first-ever reality show in space. The current plan for the show they’re calling “Space Hero” is to have people compete to find the worthiest soul to launch into orbit with the winner taking a legit trip to …

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