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Choose a Soldier to Adopt

Want to adopt a soldier for the holidays and send them a card or box of goodies they’ll love?

Simply fill out the form below and choose the soldier/s that you wish to ‘adopt’. Once you click “Submit” below, you will receive an email shortly with information about your soldier and items he or she wants or needs. Thank you for participating in Adopt-a-Soldier!

Interested in submitting a soldier for others to adopt? You can do that here.

See this helpful article for military holiday shipping deadlines!

Chris is on his first duty assignment in the Air Force.

Chase is in the Army.

Colton is 19yrs old and this is his first time away from home.

Angie is a native of Osage County MO serving with the MO National Guard in Kuwait.

Tom is in the marines and is a 2015 graduate of Hickman High School.

Matthew is in the Army and has four daughters.

Dustin and Cara are newlyweds both serving in the Air Force in Germany.

Dustin is currently in Poland. He likes hunting, wrestling, and football.

Cayce is 27 years old and has been in the Marines for 6 years and is from New Bloomfield, Missouri.

Tim is in the Navy but is currently stateside training for departure and won't make it home to Missouri for the holidays.

Brian is married with one daughter and is in the Army. When he is home, he is a volunteer firefighter with Boone County Fire District.

Chris is currently near Korea. Anything he receives would make him feel really good to be thanked for his service.

Jack is 19 and this is his first deployment in Kuwait. He serves in the Army National Guard as a Military Policeman.

Richard has been in the military for almost 5 years. This is his first deployment.

Alex is 19 and this is his first tour of duty. He is in the Army.

Jacob is forwardly deployed in Iraq, and his unit protects the convoys that come into and depart from their base of operations.

Alexis graduated from Rock Bridge High School in 2012 and attended the Boone County Fire District EMT program prior to enlisting in the Army.

He would love anything reminding him he is a Mid Mo boy born and raised.

Tyler wouldn't request anaything, but letters would be nice. He is on a remote tour in Qatar and is in the Air Force.

Victor is 19 years old from Mid Missouri and is currently deployed to the Middle East. He would love anything that reminds him of home.

Kyle is stationed in Ft. Wainwright, Alaska. He has his wife and new baby daughter with him and this will be their first Christmas away from home

He is 22 and attends college full time at UCM when not on active duty.

Robert is from Central Missouri and would appreciate anything that reminds him of home.

Anthony will be 19 this month and this is his first year of service.

My son, Preston, is currently in Kuwait. He will turn 21 years old December 15th so this will be his first birthday and Christmas away from his family.

This is Jon's 5th tour. He is a Boonville hometown boy who graduated BHS in 2006.

Our daughter is a Columbia native and graduated from Rock Bridge and then Mizzou. She went through the ROTC program at Mizzou so she loves Mizzou and Columbia.

In the National Guard and currently based in Kuwait.

He would appreciate anything. He loves sports and hunting.

She would love snacks and handwritten letters!

Logan is a 22 year old who likes to spend his free time with video games, watching movies and enjoys all sports.

Based in Kuwait. His birthday is in December. His unit cannot accept packages after Dec. 1st.

Micah is in the Army would would love snacks to share with his fellow soldiers.

In the Air Force. He is a farm boy from a small town in central Missouri.

He's a Mizzou fan and a car enthusiast. I'm sure anything will be appreciated!

In the Army. Anything would be appreciated!

In the Army. Anything would be appreciated!

Based in Kuwait. His first deployment. Wife will have their baby while he is deployed. Loves health and fitness.

In specialized training and awaiting probable deployment orders, this so deserving Blair Oaks High School Graduate, Desiree, is down to earth, health conscious and an avid reader who loves shades of lavender, teal and grey.

Based in Kuwait. Letters and mystery books would be appreciated!

Jacob is very creative, he loves to sketch. He loves old time (Country Gold) music.

He is a firefighter in the Air Force and hasn't been home for Christmas in 3 years. 23 years old.

He is in the Marines and preparing to be deployed, but can't give location at this time.

He is in Germany where it is very cold. Country boy. Loves beef jerky and deer sausage.

Based in Kuwait. Loves gfun gifts, snacks, and hand written letters.

From Jefferson City, Mo.

After you click "Submit" below, your request will be submitted and you should receive an email shortly with information about your soldier and items he or she needs.

Thank you for participating in Clear99's Adopt a Soldier. We are so grateful to the men and women who serve and appreciate all that they do for our country! We know they'll appreciate some love from back home!