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Chris Janson’s Family OK After House Fire

We are so glad the Janson family is ok after a house fire last week.

Chris’ wife Kelly posted it about it on social media showing the entire bottom floor of the home burnt.


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Chris said, “This was not a little fire. This was a legit, ‘7-foot flame, taller than me’ fire. It was a ‘melting my ceiling fan onto my ottoman’ fire . . . The fire melted my ottoman and literally created a campfire essentially right in the middle of my studio room. Thankfully, it didn’t burn the house.”

Unfortunately, the entire bottom floor will have to be gutted.

No official cause of the fire has been given but Chris believes it was his old laptop. “The battery portion is burned up on it and is fused together with the charger. I am quite convinced that it literally just got overheated and one thing led to another.”

Chris said he was so thankful his wife heard one of their smoke alarms going off in the lower level and encouraged others to check theirs.  “It’s something we don’t think about, but in ours, all of the detectors were supposed to be hardwired in and they are, but for some reason they all didn’t go off at one time. Only the one in that one room was going off.”


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