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Clear 99 $5,000 Memory Match Game

Win a trip for two to Cancun, $1,000 cash, Apple Watch and other sweeeeet prizes with the Clear 99 $5,000 Memory Match Game!

Pick two numbers between 1-40, if the prizes match then you win them. Yep, it’s just like the childhood game of Memory. 

Some of the prizes you could win include a trip for two to Cancun, $1,000 cash, Fit Bits, Kate Spade purses, Apple Watch, Ipad mini, ect…

Play weekdays at 7:20, 10:20, 1:20 and 4:20.




  1. Is there anyway to see what others guessed when you can’t listen during one of the times that day? There is one time I will never be able to listen to because of work.
    If not- and the game drags on you might consider posting what they guessed that day only.
    Just an idea…

  2. Numbers 3 and 22 are 100 dollar prizes. Good luck.

  3. Me too

  4. What are some of the other prizes and numbers? In not always able to follow

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