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Clear 99’s Adopt A Senior

With so many schools cancelling events for the remainder of the year, we are wanting to show a little extra love to those students who are about to graduate from high school or college. 

If you’re familiar with our “Adopt A Soldier” for the holidays program, this will be very similar. Basically, we asked people to submit their child or grandchild’s info and now we’re asking you to adopt them.

What does it mean if I Adopt A Senior? 

We will send you an email address from the person who submitted the Senior to be adopted, then you can provide a few words of encouragement, or simply congratulate them on their accomplishment while wishing them the best. If you decide to participate, then please send something to them as we have a bunch of Seniors who are needing to be adopted, so we want to make sure each one of them gets some positive thoughts. 

Clear 99's Adopt A Senior Form


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