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Clear Crew Picks Favorite Songs Of 2020

Even in a bad year, there is still good music!

As far as the music industry is concerned, 2020 will certainly be remembered as the year that the concerts stopped.  While this almost certainly had an effect on the songs we heard on the radio, many artists that were forced to stay home continued to make new socially-distanced music.

There are a few songs that will probably always seem like “2020 Songs”

Six Feet Apart” – Luke Combs
Be A Light” – Thomas Rhett & Friends
Stick That In Your Country Song” – Eric Church
No I In Beer” – Brad Paisley


Was getting to play a song on the radio from a Columbia, MO girlHalle Kearns hit the charts this year with her song “Pick Me Up“.

We also had a chance to visit with Halle about her trip from Jeff Jr. & Rock Bridge High School to Nashville and the Country charts!


The Clear 99 airstaff recently went through the Billboard Magazine Top 100 Country Songs of 2020 and picked our favorites.  Ladies first…!


“Maren Morris’-‘The Bones.’ I highly considered making this our first dance song! Who didn’t sing this song at the top of their lungs? It’s a great reminder to check your relationship and make sure it’s a healthy one. It also reminds us to not focus on the small things and to be grateful for the important relationships in our lives. Love the meaning and love the song. I won’t be growing tired of this for a while!



“My 2020 fav would be ‘One Night Standards’ from Ashley McBryde.  Country music may not have become as politically correct as a lot of things, but sometimes I do miss a good ‘ol cheatin’ or one-night-stand song!  Ashley is real and gritty and unpolished, and I certainly don’t think all Country music needs to be those things.  But I love it when an artist comes around occasionally that is.”



“I think I’m going to have to go with “More Hearts Than Mine” by Ingrid Andress.  I think it is a fantastic debut single. The storytelling in the song is top notch. Even though it’s told from a female perspective, anyone who’s been in a relationship that’s ended can relate.”


Aric – 

“Old Dominion – ‘One Man Band’.  Those guys are so stinking talented as writers and for me it was one of those songs that ‘HIT ME’ right in the face with the meaning of trying to do life a certain way and then meeting someone you wanted to actually “DO LIFE” with.  I was dating Angie at the time it came out and we’ve decided it will be the first dance at our upcoming nuptials in the Spring.”



“My favorite on that list is Miranda Lambert’s ‘Bluebird’.  In my opinion, this song was perfect in a year like 2020. Miranda sings about the peace she keeps internally, and how it drives her through the rough times. I think ‘Bluebird’ is a song that resonates with most people because we’ve all been through difficult situations, but we have to try and keep a ‘light on in our soul, and a bluebird in our heart’. So good!”


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