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Win Money With The Clear 99 Secret Sound!

The Clear 99 Secret Sound Is BACK!

We’ll play a sound for you each weekday at 7:20, 10:20, 1:20 and 4:20. If you can identify the sound correctly AND let us know the current amount in the jackpot, then you win it. We’ll start off with $100 in the pot and it’ll grow by $25 with each incorrect guess. 

Submit a sound and we just might use it! 

Ever hear something around the house or at work and think, “I bet that would make a good Secret Sound?” Well, then here’s your chance! Submit your own Secret Sound right now and if we use it, then we’ll give you $100 for helping out. And to answer your next question… No, this won’t eliminate you from playing the Clear 99 Secret Sound. 

Use for the form below to submit your own secret sound!


  • Someone walking on hardwood floors with boots
  • Someone walking on hard wood floors with boots 
  • Tapping a pencil on a desk 
  • Someone playing with a metal slinky 
  • Someone jumping on a pogo stick
  • Tightening ratchet on a truck
  • Bouncing a ball off a garage door
  • Soda can dropping out of a machine
  • Somebody using a fence post driver to drive fence posts into the ground
  • Somebody throwing wooden balls on a skeet machine
  • A roller coaster going up the slope
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: wav, mp3.


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  1. this sounds an interesting game..signed up

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