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CMA Nomination Thoughts

Reacting immediately to things like CMA nominations probably isn’t the most intelligent thing to do, but it’s much more fun than waiting to discuss it cooly, calmly and collectedly.

Vocal Group of the Year
I do not get how you leave Rascal Flatts out of this category
.  The last time it happened (not sure which award show it was) I chalked it up to them being so consistent for so long that voters just didn’t think of them. 

With some artists you can even sense some backlash from the Country music community for one reason or another, but I’ve never felt that with these boys, so I don’t know.

LOVE Little Big Town but Flatts has got to be in there before them.  I guess it shows what a big ‘ol summer hit song can do for you.

Female Vocalist
I’m sure there will be lots of discussion about Kelly Clarkson’s inclusion here
, but at this point I’m not sure how I feel about it.

Even though Kelly definitely has “Country Cred”,  the “that ain’t Country!” crowd will likely make some noise because she’s in there ahead of the likes of Reba or Sara Evans.

I can understand that argument, but neither Reba or Sara had a really standout year either.  Love Martina, but she’s kinda the same way to me.

Vocal Event of the Year
Be honest, how cool will it be to see Snoop Dogg at the CMA Awards!?
  He’s nominated with Willie, Kristofferson & Jamey Johnson.

I enjoy poking at the aforementioned “that ain’t Country!” crowd, I may vote for these boys just for that reason…


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