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heart made from hand of human and paw of dog
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Y’all. This makes my heart SO HAPPY!!

The Central Missouri Humane Society is COMPLETELY EMPTY! Obviously times are hard for all of us, but look what we did as a community. We found homes, whether that be temporary or permanent, for EVERY SINGLE dog and cat at CMHS! 

My heart exploded with joy the second I learned this news. 

“46 dog kennels. 33 cat cages. All adoptable spaces empty because of the amazing support of this community and our foster homes, new and old!”

CMHS will continue to need our help though with kitten season fast approaching. They will continue to need foster parents and supplies. Pets will continue to come into the shelter, and those in foster care will need more food, etc. 

Please consider helping if/when you can! 


– Catryna 


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