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Colon Cancer Awareness Month: T-Minus 1 Day…

What little I have to do begins today…

(Clear 99 and Scotty are teaming up with MU Health Care to promote Colon Cancer Awareness Month.  Scotty will be getting a colonoscopy and blogging about his experience with the process to encourage others to get screened, because Colon Cancer is 90% beatable with early detection!)

It’s almost time!  My colonoscopy is tomorrow morning, which means the liquid diet begins today.

But before I explain that, I want to say a couple of things about the folks I’ve been working with at MU Health Care.

I have not been nervous about the procedure itself.  By now I’ve talked with lots of people now that have been through it, and all have said that their experience “…was a breeze”.  My Mom said “They told me to count to ten.  I got to two, and the next thing I knew I was waking up and it was over!”

I have been a little skittish about the process as a whole, because this is my first medical procedure of any kind.  I have been so blessed with good health in my life.  I’ve never broken a bone, never been to the emergency room, never worn a hospital gown.  Other than a few visits, I’ve never had to spend extended time in a hospital with loved ones either.

The other part that worried me was the fact that anytime you’re preparing for something like this there are lots of details, and I’m not very good with details.  Usually due to the fact that I’m just not paying attention like I should.

So I have made several phone calls to the nurses I’ve dealt with to check, double check, and even triple-check, to make sure I was doing this right.  And they have always shown great patience and helped me feel at ease, and I’m very appreciative of that.


So I’ve had the last solid food I’ll have for 36 hours or so.  I went with Taco Bell.

Today I will be on a clear liquid diet.  I’ve got some chicken broth and Jello for when I get hungry, and thank God I can still have coffee.

Then tonight…the cleanse begins.  Stay tuned.


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