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Could you do it?

It’s 99 Days of Freedom from …. FACEBOOK!

A company named ‘Just’ launched a campaign recently titled “99 Days of Freedom” – with good intentions too. The goal is to get people to give up Facebook for a little over 14 weeks. Those who participate will also take part in “happiness surveys” – mainly to see if their moods improve because they’re no longer using Facebook.

The campaign is due to the recent experiment held by Facebook – about 700,000 (unaware) users were involved in a mood study. If you check the research, an average of 17 minutes a day is spent on that lovely, original, blue spirited social media site [whoa]. Just says people who participate in 99 Days of Freedom will save 28 hours of time that’s normally spent on Facebook.

So, what do they want you to do with those “extra” 28-hours you’ll acquire?

Volunteer, learn a skill or share what you’re doing on the group’s message board – you’re creative, put your mind to use! It doesn’t look like there’s an official start date for this – you can join the 99 Days of Freedom whenever you’re ready! To learn more about joining click —> here.


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