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COUNTRY FEED: 01/05/18

If you purchased a hard copy of Granger Smith‘s latest album, you got a special message from him.

Printed on the inside is ‘A few of these songs will be heard by many, but many of these songs will be heard by only a few.’ 

Granger said, “I felt like it needed to be a journey. Putting those songs in order and writing and picking and recording those songs is kind of a lost art and it’s not really very important, but it is to me, and so that’s why I wrote that in the liner notes, that if you’re reading this you’re one of the few and thank you for being someone of my own heart.”


Florida Georgia Line 

FGL‘s Tyler Hubbard and his wife, Hayley, welcomed daughter Olivia Rose to their family December 23rd and the new issue of People magazine has some more details. 

Tyler says he was “laughing and crying” when Olivia arrived. 

And one other family member was excited about the addition. Tyler and Hayley’s golden retriever, Harley. He was in the delivery room when Olivia was born and has apparently already made a connection. Tyler said, “He’s so gentle with her and he just smells her. He’s already protective of her . . . He’s already in love with her.” 


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