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COUNTRY FEED: 01/18/18

Dierks Bentley‘s new album, The Mountain is due out sometime this spring, but he has already released a new single called “Woman, Amen.” 

He said this song is an important one to kickoff his album.

“The song’s about gratitude, and the song’s just the cracks in your heart and love and how you really need to have those failures and those cracks to really let love get in, so it’s an inspiring song… And all that gratitude for me starts at home. There’d be nothing without Cass and the way she’s not only made my life, she’s been through the ups and downs and made me a better person.”

Here’s a snippet from Dierks, or listen to the whole song here


Kenny Chesney 

Kenny Chesney has been with RCA/Sony Nashville for more than 20 years, but has decided to join Warner Music Nashville. Blake Shelton, Cole Swindell and Brett Eldredge are also on the label. 

Kenny said, “It is a big deal to change labels, but when you hear (Warner label execs) talk about music, about what it means and does, when you hear that passion, you can’t help but get fired up. To me, music is only complete when it gets to the fans and becomes part of their lives. The people at Warner understand my commitment to that idea, and they’re just as committed to those ideas as I am.” 


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