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COUNTRY FEED: 02/08/18

Is Carrie Underwood pregnant?

A source has revealed that Carrie and her husband Mike “want a big family and they’re always trying for another baby.” However, Carrie is not yet pregnant with a second child, but they are hoping to be soon!


Pistol Annies

A new Pistol Annies’ album might be on the way! Though no other information has been released, the trio (Miranda Lambert, Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe) did reveal they’ve been working on new music. 

Miranda said, “Literally the other night I had a song that kind of just came out of the air to me, and I sent a verse and a chorus to the girls. And nobody said anything. Not, ‘Hi, how you doing.’ Everybody’s in different directions, which is always why Annies takes a while. I sent them half a song, and then within three minutes, I had a whole song. They both sent me a verse back. And I was, ‘And, we’re back.’ . . . We’re very much in the spirit of the Annies right now.” 


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