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luke combs
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COUNTRY FEED: 02.17.20

Luke Combs is undergoing a major lifestyle change — temporary — but major.

After being on the losing end of a football bet with one of his band members, Luke now has to follow a vegan diet for 90 days. 

He said, that while he’s only several days into it, he’s surviving.

“I mean I’m still alive. I’ll put it that way.  I eat a lot of bars like protein bars, lot of veggies.  And, if you’re not familiar with vegan, it’s no animal products whatsoever: no meat, no cheese, no milk, no butter, no anything good.  So I’ve still got about 80 odds days left, which is pretty depressing to think about, but I will prevail through the end of this.  I’m looking forward to a good deer steak after this is all said and done.” 



Lauren Alaina revealed the cover art for her upcoming EP, called Getting Good, which will be released on March 6th. It will include five songs co-written by Lauren, including “Ladies in the ’90s,” “The Other Side,” and three brand new songs and the title track and current single playing now on country radio, “Getting Good.”



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