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COUNTRY FEED: 03/08/18

Jake Owen is now the proud owner of a.. tiny house?

Yep! He sold his 4,000 square foot home in Tennessee so he could have his own piece of land to build on.

However, before he can get his new home built, Jake still needs a place to live. His tiny house is 400 square foot with a “little couch,” and Jake is adjusting just fine. In an interview, Jake said, “I’m not lying to you. It’s 400 square feet. And I love it!”


 Chris Young

Chris Young was at Nashville’s Tin Roof Broadway (temporarily renamed ‘Ten’ Roof) to celebrate his now TEN number one hits with his family and friends. 

Chris said, “We have no idea if we ever get to stand with a microphone in front of people at a No. 1 party ever again.  I didn’t think I’d get to do my first one. [And] right now I’m standing up here talking about my tenth No. 1.” 


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