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COUNTRY FEED: 03/12/18

Jason Aldean attended a daddy/daughter dance this past weekend!

Jason accompanied his 10-year-old daughter, Kendyl, to her school dance, and they were both decked out in their best 80’s attire. Jason wore a Michael Jackson t-shirt, a bandana around his head and some gnarly shades. Kendyl wore her best Madonna including a pair of fishnet gloves. Jason posted a picture to Instagram writing, “80’s themed father daughter dance tonite….. Me and Kendyl bout to crush it!” 


Tim McGraw collapsed on stage after a performance on Sunday, giving fans a scare. 

He was in Ireland and had apparently just finished singing “Humble & Kind” when he dropped to his knees then sat down. Medical staff quickly attended to him and gave everyone the okay. 

Faith Hill returned to stage to announce Tim was okay saying, “He’s been super dehydrated. I apologize, but I made the decision that he cannot come back out on stage.” 


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